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New! Claire’s Mommy Makeover Journey

Claire reached her heaviest weight seven years ago, shortly before becoming pregnant with her first child. Today she has two daughters, and considers herself lucky to have been able to nurse both children for a year each. But even with her deep gratitude for that experience, Claire admits it took a toll on the body she already struggled to feel comfortable in.

Judy’s Journey to Abdominoplasty

After a severe car accident and a spinal surgery left her with separated abdominal muscles and debilitating pain, Judy sought help at Plastic Surgery Austin. Dr. Sharma performed an abdominal repair that returned function and form to Judy’s midsection, and restored the active life of yoga, gardening and playing with her grandchildren she cherished before the accident.

Elizabeth’s Journey to Facelift

Elizabeth knew right away that a facelift was her best option, that no skincare product or nonsurgical treatment could give her the results she was looking for. But then she faced an unexpected detour…

Erin’s Journey to Breast Reduction

A patient journey that follows Erin from her teenage struggles with large breasts through her recent Breast Reduction surgery with Dr. Sharma. The transformation isn’t just physical, it’s emotional too.


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