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Nose reshaping or rhinoplasty serves to sculpt the nose to better proportion with balance and symmetry to the entire face. Elongating or shortening the nose, reducing a dorsal hump, raising or refining the tip, straightening the bent nasal septum and improving breathing can all be achieved with rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is often thought of as surgical artistry and can be the most challenging aesthetic surgery procedure. Dr Sharma takes considerable pride in achieving the results his Austin patients desire.

Rhinoplasty Austin may be done for functional and aesthetic reasons. Traumatic injuries to the nose, whether resulting in breathing problems or not, and reconstructive procedures are firm examples of nasal reshaping done for functional purposes and some cases can be covered by insurance.

Often changing the appearance of one’s nose can improve self-confidence and enhance one’s appearance. However, a great deal of consideration must go into the decision to change the nose, given that it is the most prominent feature on the face.

With aesthetic refinement done by manipulating, sculpting, or repositioning the cartilages and bones of the nose, a more proportioned and better balanced nose can be achieved. The incisions are hidden in the nostrils or under the tip where the casual observer is unaware of the surgery. The overall goal is to effect change without an enduring “operated look”. Certain ethnic noses require particular attention to detail so as to not interfere with patient identity.

Rhinoplasty surgery is done in the outpatient setting, and the first dressing change is at one week post-op. Bruising and swelling can persist for 2-3 weeks, with gradual improvement seen in shape and outcome after 6 weeks. The final result is often not complete for 10-12 months or more, especially in the tip. Sometimes revision surgery is necessary to smooth out irregularities or correct subtle deformities. This is not done for at least one year from the primary operation. With realistic expectations and goals, patients see the desired nasal shape take form and ultimately enhance self-confidence and appearance.

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