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Breast revision surgery Austin, Texas can be used for a number of purposes, from lifting the breasts to a more youthful position (breast lift) to reducing the size and weight of the breasts (breast reduction). No matter what your needs might be, Dr. Sanjay Sharma at Plastic Surgery Austin has a procedure that can help you achieve your desired body profile. With new techniques in breast revision procedures, you can achieve the appearance you want with minimal scarring and recovery time involved.

Who is a Breast Revision For?

Breast revision surgery may be recommended for the following concerns:

  • Breasts that sag or droop due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or age
  • Breasts that have lost their youthful volume or position
  • Stretched tissue around the nipple or areola
  • Nipples and areolas that point downward rather than outward
  • Exceedingly large breasts that cause back and neck pain
  • Large breasts that result in skin chaffing or irritation from bra straps

A breast lift may be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation to improve results. Breast reduction surgery is typically performed alone and may be covered in part by insurance if the size of the breasts is causing physical discomfort or other symptoms.

How does a Breast Revision Work?

Dr. Sharma performs breast revision procedures on an outpatient basis, often using local anesthesia and sedation. General anesthesia may be recommended for some patients, particularly if multiple procedures will be performed at one time. For a breast reduction, incisions are made around the areola and usually extend above or below in a keyhole shape. Breast lifts also involve an incision around the areola, which may extend down the lower half of the breast and into the breast crease.

During the procedure, Dr. Sharma removes excess tissue and skin while repositioning the breast for a more youthful profile. At the same time, Dr. Sharma may relocate the nipple and areola for the most natural results possible. A breast revision surgery usually takes anywhere from one to three hours to complete, depending on the specific goals of the procedure.

Recovery from breast revision surgery may depend on a number of factors, including the patient’s ability to heal quickly and the specific procedure performed. Oral medication is given for the first few days to help patients manage discomfort and a special surgical bra may be worn to hold the breasts in the proper position and promote healing of the area. Most patients return to work and regular activities within 1-2 weeks of breast revision surgery.

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What does a Breast Revision Do?

Although results from breast revision surgery Austin can be seen right away, patients may not full appreciate those results until the breasts heal completely and compression garments are removed. Once the body is healed, breast revision surgery is considered a permanent way to alter the size, shape or appearance of the breasts, as long as a healthy weight is maintained after surgery.

The breasts are often a source of physical and aesthetic concern for patients today. The good news is there are many options in breast revision surgery to help Austin patients achieve the body contour they want and reduce uncomfortable symptoms. To learn more about breast revision surgery, contact Dr. Sharma at Plastic Surgery Austin at 512-324-2765.


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