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An arm lift, also called brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure to restore a more youthful contour to the upper arm. Gravity and the aging process can lead to sagging skin underneath the upper arm that is frequently referred to as “bat wings.” An arm lift removes excess skin and tissue to create a leaner look that makes you more comfortable wearing short-sleeve and sleeveless fashions.

Who is it For?

An arm lift is a good option for the following:

  • Patients with a significant amount of skin laxity on the underside of the arm
  • Patients with excess skin sagging due to massive weight loss
  • Patients who have not been able to tone the upper arm sufficiently
  • Patients who accept a scar under the arm as a trade-off for a leaner upper arm

How does it Work?

Dr. Sanjay Sharma performs arm lifts on an outpatient basis at Plastic Surgery Austin. The procedure is frequently done under local anesthesia and sedation, shortening recovery time for the patient. An incision is placed under the arm and typically runs from the armpit to the elbow. Some patients may have a smaller incision if less fat and skin need to be removed.

Through this incision, Dr. Sharma removes excess skin and tissue that has resulted in the significant upper arm sagging. If fat tissue must also be removed, Dr. Sharma may use a liposuction procedure for this purpose. Once excess is eliminated, the incision is sutured closed and drains may be placed into the incision to allow for drainage of fluid during the healing process.

Recovery from an arm lift usually takes up to six weeks, with patients returning to light activities within 1-2 weeks. Because of the location of the treatment area, most patients are unable to drive for at least 10 days. Oral medication can be used to manage discomfort during the first few days after surgery. Any type of lifting or strenuous activity is discouraged for the first month or two.

What does it Do?

Results of an arm lift will become evident once the arm heals from the surgery. Bruising or swelling at the incision site may impede results until that time. An arm lift is considered a permanent means of altering the upper arm contour, as long as a healthy weight is maintained after surgery.

An arm lift is an effective surgical procedure for achieving a more slender and youthful upper arm profile. To learn more about an arm lift, call Plastic Surgery Austin at 512-324-2765 to schedule your appointment today!


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