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Fat deposits can build up in certain parts of your body that are difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. No matter how many salads you eat, restricting your overall diet, or how many exhausting crunches, push-ups and squats you do, fat will remain in these trouble areas. The abdomen, arms, legs and neck are among some of the most common areas where fat deposits build up. While it may seem that exercise and diet would get rid of fat in these areas, certain factors make an individual prone to their development and, ultimately, difficulty ridding themselves of troubling fat. Your genetics and age, among other reasons, contribute to how your body responds to fat. Thankfully, a technologically advanced treatment known as VASER exists that can help eliminate unwanted fat from your body.

Ultra-assisted liposuction, known as VASER, is a unique form of liposuction that utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to break up undesirable fat deposits and remove them from the body, creating a more contoured look. If you are a resident of Austin, TX, or surrounding communities and are interested in learning more about VASER liposuction, contact Plastic Surgery Austin at 512-324-2765 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanjay Sharma.

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Who Is it for?

VASER liposuction is a fat-reducing treatment specially designed for men and women struggling with their image because of unwanted fat deposits. While the treatment is designed to remove fat, it should not be viewed as a weight-loss treatment because it does not cause overall fat reduction. VASER only treats fat deposits. Patients should be within their target weight if they are considering treatment. A good VASER liposuction candidate is someone whose BMI is less than 30 and is seeking to treat no more than 4 percent of their body weight. An ideal patient should be in moderately good shape but has trouble achieving the figure they desire because of fat deposits that will not go away through diet and exercise alone.

VASER is commonly used to treat fat deposits in the following areas:

  • Arms
  • Thighs and hips
  • Jowls
  • Chin
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Buttocks

VASER is also commonly used to treat gynecomastia, a condition in which male breast tissue develops excessively. During an initial VASER liposuction consultation with Dr. Sharma, your concerns and goals will be thoroughly discussed. He will develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific concerns. Several other factors will be considered to ensure candidacy, including:

  • Current physical health
  • Expectations for the treatment
  • Overall physique

How Does it Work?

VASER liposuction is performed utilizing either local or general anesthesia. Which anesthesia is used depends on the number of areas being treated and the size of the treatment site. Your VASER liposuction treatment will begin with Dr. Sharma injecting a special saline solution into your treatment site. This solution expands the fat, numbs the treatment site and shrinks blood vessels to reduce bruising and blood loss. Dr. Sharma will then create a small incision through which the VASER liposuction ultrasound probe is inserted. Ultrasounds vibrations are emitted from the probe to displace and liquefy unwanted fat cells. Dr. Sharma moves the ultrasound probe back and forth in a pattern akin to playing the violin, consistently displacing and liquifying your fat cells.

When Dr. Sharma believes he has liquified enough fat cells, he will remove the VASER ultrasound probe then insert a suctioning cannula, which will suction the displaced fat cells and other excess fluids. Some fluids will remain, which will continue numbing the treatment site and will eventually be absorbed by your body. The incision is then closed, and a compression garment is put into place, which will help mitigate swelling. Drains are put into place that removes excess fluids. A VASER liposuction treatment lasts for approximately one hour if one area is treated. If you have multiple areas treated, the treatment can last up to four hours.

Understanding the Recovery Process

It can take some time until you notice your results after VASER liposuction. Immediately after treatment, the treatment site will be swollen and bruised, which will affect its appearance. Bruising and swelling are normal side effects. Typically, it will take several days for VASER liposuction side effects to subside completely. The compression garment that will be applied to you should be worn constantly for a full 48 hours. The compression garment can be taken off to take a shower but should continue being worn for four weeks.

It can take approximately three to six months for your final VASER liposuction results to be apparent. The amount of time it takes can vary depending on your body’s natural healing rate, the size of the treatment site and how many areas are treated. VASER liposuction results are potentially permanent so long as you put in the work to maintain them. Although VASER liposuction displaces and removes unwanted fat cells, the remaining fat cells can potentially expand, causing the areas where troubling fat deposits persisted to become unflattering again. Patients are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle after their VASER liposuction treatment so that their results last for as long as possible.

What Does it Do?

VASER liposuction is a treatment that is designed to give you the body that you want. The treatment effectively eliminates unwanted fat cells to create a more contoured and flattering image. Compared to tumescent liposuction, also offered at Plastic Surgery Austin, VASER liposuction allows for more precise treatment and causes less trauma to surrounding tissue. The treatment is particularly ideal for treating small areas such as the chin and the neck.

If you are tired of working out and eating healthy and are not attaining the results you want, then liposuction with VASER may answer your troubles. The unique and innovative treatment allows patients the opportunity to sculpt their bodies into the figure they desire. If you are interested in scheduling a VASER liposuction consultation with Dr. Sharma of Plastic Surgery Austin, please contact us today by calling 512-324-2765 or visit our contact page.


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