Face Lift

Gravity, weather exposure, and stress all wreak havoc on the facial soft tissues and over time cause the deep jowls, neck creases, and sad and tired appearance that often does not reflect how one feels inside.

Although many methods exist to “tighten or shrink” the facial skin to give a more youthful look, only sub-surface resuspension and repositioning of the facial soft tissues gives a more consistent, long-term result that some say takes off 10-15 years in facial aging. Sagging skin and facial wrinkles and creases smooth away after face lift procedures. Because facial atrophy, or loss of facial volume, plays a significant role in facial aging, the use of fat injections or facial fillers plays a vital role in complete facial rejuvenation.

Complete Facial Rejuvenation combines procedures that rejuvenate the face by lifting and sculpting the fat and skin of the face, tightening the neck giving a well-defined jaw contour, repositioning the brows (brow lift) to their more youthful and anatomic locations, and removing or lifting the eyelid skin (eyelid tuck) for a more refreshed, awake appearance.

Adjunctive procedures include softening the jowls with soft-tissue fillers, chemical or laser peels, and using fat grafts or injectable facial fillers like Juvederm or Artefill.